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Logman Begins!

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24 Mar 2016

It begins.

1.	Who am I
2.	Why am I writing a blog (motivations)
3.	What am I hoping to achieve
4.	What I will be writing about
5.	Who might be interested

Who am I

Aaron. Section end. Perhaps too succinct! I am an aspiring software craftsman, very much in my apprentice days, and anticipating a long road of learning and discovery to come.

My background/formal education is in bioscience, nutrition specifically. Science remains a big part of my life and I am burdened (and empowered) with the knowledge of a nutritionist everyday! Towards the end of my studies I made a shift to another big part of my life - computers.

Programming has long been an interest thanks to my passion for video games, and inspiration from the likes of my father and uncle. However, trying to self-learn from scratch is hard. Toiling away on tiresome HTML books, not really appreciating how far removed from programming it is, or being completely suffocated by books on C++ and Java, lead me to believe that I did not quite have a knack for the whole programming thing.

Then came science. Then came Python and as a veritable catalyst my career in programming was spawned. My far reaching aspirations are to merge my love of science and computation into the field of bioinformatics, but for now I am content pursuing mastery as a web developer.

Why am I writing a blog

Blogging has eluded me for sometime. I tend to be my own biggest barrier to success, so I have put it off. Despite penning a blog post detailing the learnings from my earlier career days (which will be the post to follow this one!), I never got around to publishing, or setting up a blog.

Time goes by, sudden spurts of motivation arise, and motivation from a new encouraging work environment have you reading this introductory drawl! Let us move on.

What am I hoping to achieve

Reflection, sharing, mastery. These are my primary pursuits. I am a habitual self-assessor and daily reflector. I am constantly seeking ways to improve and solidify what I know. Teaching is one selfish method of reinforcement I use, daily meditation is another, now I hope blogging will further these desires.

Sharing is another motivator. Initially, what I share may be of limited value as I find my niche and flow, but well constructed, clean blog posts have been a massive help towards my growth as a programmer and I hope to emulate that through the topics that I take particular interest in.

Mastery. I recently joined a fantastic new company who not only promote wellness and personal growth in their consumers, but also staff. I have been reading this fantastic book (that also advised blogging!) which encourages the journey towards mastery. Through sharing, reflective journalling and public accountability I hope to drive my mastery badge ever closer!

What I will be writing about

Topics that interest me include:

◆	Web development
◆	Bioinformatics
◆	Functional programming
◆	Emacs
◆	Reusable code
◆	Best practices
◆	RaspberryPi
◆	Teaching

And no doubt more! I will write as topics intrigue me, or when I learn something I consider enlightening or valuable. Initially, I will be following advice from Apprenticeship Patterns and writing about my explorations in source code.

Who might be interested

I will not be so bold as to imagine a large readership will spawn out of this effort, but I would wish some of my fellow Stack Overflow warriors will find some insight and motivation from what I put out there.

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